Photo Voice at Staunton Farm Foundation

Photo Voice
Staunton Farm Foundation
650 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh


Photo by Milestone Member Janet

This Thursday, June 20, join AgWorks Member Jessica Kalmar and her students from Milestone Day Treatment and Deaf Services for the opening of their photography exhibit Photo Voice.
The photo group, led by local photographer and educator Kalmar, features five members who use photography as as way to help discuss the stigma of mental illness.  The show is part of a research project developed by the Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation that explores and exposes ignorance, prejudice and discrimination through photographs and narratives.
Milestone’s photography group began in 2008, when Kalmar approached Jennifer Macioce, Milestone’s director, about starting a photo group to incorporate with the other art therapy and expressive therapy groups that are hosted there. The group’s members use point and shoot film cameras on a regular basis with take-home assignment or field trips during the class. The group also uses collage to discuss their week, or watches movies. Recently, the group viewed  Temple Grandin, the 2010 movie about about an autistic woman who sees in images – a story that is rather relevant for this group of photographers.  The members – all of whom are from Pittsburgh – also research Pittsburgh history.
The photo group has seen many members come and go as they were introduced to the camera some for the first time and others for a refresher course. In the past 4 years the original members have shown a strong commitment and ongoing advancement in not only their photography skills, but also in their attitudes, personalities, and overall well being.  Kalmar says that its a joy to see them working as they go on field trips with the cameras and then to experience their accomplishments in the many exhibits they’ve had.
The group has a permanent exhibit at Kane Regional Center in Glen Hazel and exhibit frequently each year.

In addition to the show at Staunton Farms Foundation, the group’s Photo Voice exhibit is also available in book format and can be purchased at The Art Market at 4128 Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

For more information, you can visit the group’s website at

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