Pittsburgh Filmmakers Certificate Exhibition Featuring Edward Murray and Bob Olson

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Certificate Student Exhibition
Melwood Gallery
477 Melwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa 15213
Opening: March 11, 2016, 6-8:30 p.m. (part of filmMAKERS Fridays)
Show runs through April 15, 2016

Explorementation 2 by Edward Murray

Explorementation 2 by Edward Murray

VanDyke Print by Bob Olson

VanDyke Print by Bob Olson

Come out to see the talented photographers in Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Certificate program. This year’s artists include AgWorks members Edward Murray and Robert Olson, along with photographers Denise A. Bell, Debra Phillips, Dan Quigley, Jacob Reinhart and Jennifer Sanchez. Their work covers the concept of home as a physical place and an evolving state of mind, home as past and present, documentation of place: both urban and rural, portraits about the relationship between pets and their owners, and exploring portraits with abstraction. Their processes are as diverse as the concepts; the work is split between color inkjet imagery and 19th century printmaking. Some of the imagery is captured on film and some digital.

These artists are showing bodies of work made in their Filmmakers classes ranging from Documentary Photography, Non-Silver Printing, Advanced Digital Photography, or in some cases completed in an Independent Study. All of the students must complete twelve classes in the photography curriculum to receive their Certificate. The common denominator running through this show is that these artists visually articulate their ideas in ways that spark their passions and interests.

For more information, visit Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ website or call 412-681-5449.

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