About AGWorks

Ag Works is a Pittsburgh artist collective which provides artists working within the photographic medium an environment in which to share work with other artists and gain constructive critical feedback.

The group was formed in 2009 by a small group of Pittsburgh Filmmakers alumni to address the need of artists to receive the same informed feedback from their peers that they had received in the world of academia.  The collective currently boasts members working in all aspects of photography, including alternative and historical processes, traditional darkroom photography and the newest digital media.

 In 2010, Ag Works was invited to speak at Associated Artists of Pittsburgh’s 100th Anniversary Celebration at the Carnegie Museum of Art as one of the “up and coming” artist groups in Pittsburgh.

 Ag Works is primarily concerned with the photographic medium as a means of expression. Any artist whose work makes use of the photographic medium, whether solely or inclusively, is welcome.

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