Why We Photograph at Magenta Foundation – Opening July 10, 6-10 p.m.

Photo by Vincent Carr

Photo by Vincent Carr

The Magenta Foundation has invited Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh Filmmakers photography faculty to assemble an exhibition representative of the work coming out of both institutions called “Why People Photograph.” This group show represents students who are passionate about the medium and work in a non-traditional manner. Personal narratives, social documents, constructed still-lifes, abstractions, landscape, fashion and portraiture are all explored here, along with photographic books and gelatin/silver images.
AgWorks members particiapating in the show are: Bob Olson, Christianna Kreiss, Joan Heineman, Michael Novara and Vincent Carr.
The show will take place at 937 LIberty Avenue and opens during the July 2015 Downtown Gallery Crawl.  For more information, visit http://www.magentafoundation.org/popups/pittsburgh/
Congratulations to all of our talented photographers


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